Andrea Novelletto      Bandiera-Tricolore-Italiana


1980 Degree in Biological Sciences,University of Rome.
1983 Ph.D. (cum laude), Medical Genetics,University of Rome

1981 Research fellow, Public Health Institute (biostatistics)
1982 Military service
1983-84 Research fellow, Inst. Cell Biology of the National Research Council (molecular genetics)
1986-93 Visiting researcher, Genetics Unit, Mansoura University (Egypt). Field research on the hemoglobinopathies.
1989-90 Visiting researcher, Al Wasl Pediatric Hosp., Dubai, U.A.E.. Field research on the hemoglobinopathies.
1987-96 Visiting researcher, Massachusetts General Hosp., Boston, U.S.A.. Molecular genetics of neurodegenerative disorders.

1984-98 Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology, 2nd University of Rome.
1998-01 Associate Professor, Dept. of Cell Biology, University of Calabria, Italy.
2001-05 Professor of Genetics, Dept. of Cell Biology, University of Calabria, Italy.
2005 Professor of Genetics, Dept. of Biology, University “Tor Vergata”, Rome, Italy.

GRANTS AWARDED (2000-2009) :
2000-2001 Italian National Coordinator, CNR programme -Agenzia 2000
1999-2001 NATO country Coordinator, Collaborative Linkage Grant NATO LST.CLG975057 “A population genetic survey in Southern Caucasus”
2002-2004 Local coordinator, MURST-PRIN Programme 2002
2003-2005 Local coordinator, MURST-PRIN Programme 2003
2002-2004 Participant, Italian-Russian Inter-governmental technology agreement “A DNA bank representative of human genetic biodiversity in the Russian population”
2004-2005 NATO country Coordinator, Linkage Grant NATO PDD(CP)(LST.CLG 980469) “Changes in the nutritional pattern in populations of Eastern Siberia”
2005-2007 Local coordinator, MURST-PRIN Programme 2005
2007-2009 Local coordinator, MURST-PRIN Programme 2007
2008 Dissemination grant on “Disseminating conservation biology: a scientific account for the public on the monitoring, genetics and conservation of marine turtles”. Ital. Ministry of Public Education
2009 Dissemination grant on “Reduction of biodiversity: consequences for food resources, the environment and the human species”. Ital. Ministry of Public Education

Annals of Human Biology

American Journal of Human Genetics
American Journal of Physical Anthropology
Annals of Human Biology
Annals of Human Genetics
DNA and Cell Biology
European Journal of Human Genetics
FEBS letters
Forensic Sci. Intl.
Journal of Neurology
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA
Theoretical Population Biology

Associazione Genetica Italiana
Societa’ Italiana di Genetica Umana
European Association of Human Biologist
Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution

Ecology and Evolution, University “Tor Vergata”.

D.Ph, University of Oxford, U.K., 2002
Dottorato in Neuroscienze, U.C.S.C., Roma, 2004.

Luria, Gould, Singer: A view of life. Zanichelli ed., Bologna
Hartl: Human genetics. Zanichelli ed., Bologna
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Eisenck, Kamin: Intelligence: a battle for the mind. Laterza ed., Bari
Frankham, Ballou, Briscoe: A primer of conservation genetics. Cambridge University press

1998-2005: Promoter and curator, UNICAL OPENLAB

2007-2010: Director, Master in Science Dissemination,

University “Tor Vergata”, Rome, Italy

Dpto. de Zoologia y Antropologia Fisica Facultad de Biologia Universidad Complutense 28040 MADRID (Espana)
Laboratory for Archaeogenetics Institute of Archaeology Letenska 4, 118 01, Prague 1 Czech Rep.


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